Entrance & Driveway Gates

Front view of Iroko hardwood gates

No matter what the style or age of your property, if you have a driveway, a pair of well fitted entrance gates can enhance your home or protect your land. From robust, practical gates that ensure greater privacy and security, to more traditional or ornate gates that improve your property's kerb appeal, Trentwood Fencing will supply and install the design of your choice.

Entrance gates provide a secure and often decorative frame to a driveway, courtyard, garden, or any open space such as a field or a pathway. But what type of gates to choose? We can help you select, depending on your budget and your need for privacy, security or the gates' aesthetic value.

Wooden driveway gates

Hardwood is an especially durable material for entrance gates - the iroko field gates below will stand the test of time and they enhance the tradition, rustic appearance at the entrance to this customer's property. Oak is another wonderful hardwood to use at the entrance to your home, giving a timeless style and a feeling of solidity, especially when coupled with traditional ironmongery. 

Iroko hardwood field gates

Oak hardwood entrance gates

A pair of close-board gates at the entrance to your driveway is a practical option when greater privacy is required.

You can also choose from a range of more decorative entrance gates, such as those shown in the photo below. Some styles are designed to look just as good from the front or the back, so you'll get a great view from the street and from your home. 

Decorative entrace gates

Gates can be matched to existing fencing, but they'll look just as good set between neat hedging.

Metal driveway gates

Decorative, functional or both? Metal driveway gates in iron or steel give you a range of options, as you can see from some of the examples in our gates gallery

Swing or sliding driveway gates?

We're happy to advise you if you're not sure which is most suitable. Traditional homes tend to opt for single or double wooden swing gates, depending on the width of their driveway. If there isn't much space to swing a gate inwards (consider how closely your vehicles may be parked behind the gate), sliding gates might be a better option. They're also worth considering if the ground below the gate is sloping or uneven.

Due to the mounting and operation costs, sliding driveway gates are usually more expensive than swing gates, but they do offer good security. For this reason, they are often chosen for commercial premises, but there are attractive options in both wood and metal for private residences that want higher security.

Proper planning

No two driveways are the same. We can adjust for sloping driveways by setting gates at just the right level to prevent catching or dragging, while still maintaining a professional and neat finish.

Trentwood's team will carefully measure and plan every element of a job to ensure your gates and posts fit perfectly. All entrance and driveway gates can be supplied in a range of heights, widths and fittings. Our sustainably sourced timber is treated to extend its life and keep future maintenance to a minimum.

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