Get your fencing ready for autumn winds

Wooden fence in Autumn gardenIt’s been a glorious summer, but as Storm Ali, the first of 2018’s autumn tempests, lashed Britain earlier this month, here at Trentwood Fencing we’re bracing ourselves for a seasonal round of fencing repairs

Of course, we’re always delighted to help both old and new customers, but the honest truth is that sometimes property owners could save themselves an unnecessary expense with a few maintenance tasks to prepare their fencing for bad weather over the next few months. 

Here are our tips to help your garden fencing withstand the rigours of autumn and winter.   

Cleaning your fence

Clear weeds and rubbish away from fence panels and posts, paying particular attention to the bases. This assists drainage, keeping posts and panels drier – if you can prevent the area around your fences becoming a muddy quagmire, you’ll delay the onset of rot.

Minor repairs

It’s best to keep on top of these, as it only takes one collapsing fence panel to drag the rest down with it! So replace any individual fence panels or posts that could spell trouble for the whole fence in an autumn gale. Look for wobbly, rotting or broken posts, damaged or rotting fence panels. 

Hopefully, you invested in postsaver sleeves when you installed your fence, which will prolong the life of your fence, but inspect them each year and look for signs of posts that require attention.

Very minor damage to wooden panels can be patched up with a few nails hammered securely into place, but be honest about the odds of this kind of “belts and braces” approach surviving the impact of any serious weather. Better to spend a little now than a lot later. 

Wobbly posts? They’ll definitely need some attention if they’re going to withstand high winds. You might need to reset them, shoring them up with more cement to give them a solid foundation.

Fencing preservative

It’s been a perfect dry summer – if you haven’t taken advantage of that to top up your fence’s preservative, now’s the time to get out your paintbrush or spray gun. Fence preservatives soak into the wood, protecting it from moisture and preventing the rot that will weaken your fence. 

If you’ve replaced a few panels or posts ready for autumn, make sure they’ve been treated, too. 

Fencing that’s not so easily blown over 

Ok, this isn’t so much maintenance as a whole new approach to the type of fence you choose in your garden, but if you’re having a new line of fencing installed, give some thought to a style that’s a little more resilient to the wind.

Hit and miss fencing panels

Hit and Miss fencing panels are designed with small slits in them to allow the wind to pass through more easily, improving their resistance. The boards are fitted alternately to the front and the back of the fence panels, either vertically or horizontally according to your preference, with a slight overlap. 

Call the experts

Eventually, the quick annual patch-up (and crossing your fingers that it holds up in the next gale) is no longer sufficient.  

Trentwood Fencing’s friendly team are always on hand, whether you’re replacing fencing ready for autumn or caught on the hop after a storm, so if you live in the Oxfordshire area and need our help, please get in touch.

Please call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 for a no obligation quote.

Released On 24th Sep 2018

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