Deer Gates - Wooden or Galvanised Mesh

Pair of deer gates

Deer gates provide a secure entry and exit point in an effective perimeter of deer-fencing to prevent animals pushing through or deter them from jumping over. Deer gates can also be used in other areas where an effective barrier is required.

They can be made of galvanised metal mesh or of wood, depending on your preference, and can be fitted in a range of heights and widths. Galvanised mesh, in particular, has a long life-span and is relatively low maintenance.

Single or double deer gates can be fitted to galvanised gate posts or wooden gate posts, depending on your preference and the style of fence it's attached to on either side. Please ask us for advice if you're unsure, as we have lots of experience fitting gates for agricultural and livestock premises. 

We provide a professional supply and install service for deer gates throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to arrange for a quote.

Please call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to arrange a quote.

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