Fence Repairs in Oxfordshire

Our garden fences put up with a lot, but over time storm damage, rot, insect attacks or simply the constant bashing from our kids’ footballs can take their toll on our fencing and the supporting fence posts.  

Fence in need of repair

Repairs to garden fences and posts

If you don’t use your garden every day, it's easy to put off fence repairs - out of sight, out of mind? But a weakened panel or leaning post in one area can drag down a whole line of fencing in the next strong wind, so attend to fence maintenance jobs quickly, before they become a bigger job.  

Trentwood Fencing will undertake small or large jobs, so ask us for a quote, whether you need to replace just one panel or twenty! 

Our professional team gives the same care and attention to the repair of one fence post as it does to a whole run of garden fence panels, and you'll see from our many Trustpilot reviews that we always leave a site clean and tidy when finished.  

We can match the style of your existing wooden fence panels or help you choose something completely different if you fancy a change! If it's just the fence posts that need repair, we can quote for smaller jobs, too. Take a look at our different types of fence panel for an idea of what we can install, or read our article “What's the Best Type of Fence for Gardens?”.

Commercial, public sector and agricultural fencing

Please look at our agricultural, commercial and school fencing pages, too, for information about our Oxfordshire fence repair services for non-domestic customers. 

Timber sourcing, maintenance and care 

All our sustainably sourced timber is treated to extend its life, while optional post-saver sleeves will reduce rot and decrease future maintenance needs on fence posts. We’ve even written a few tips to help you care for your wooden fences.

We are based in Cumnor, Oxford, and carry out most of our work in Oxfordshire. Call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 for a quote, or send a few details using the form below.


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