Close Board Fencing

Close Board Fencing in Headington, Oxford

We provide professional installation and excellent service for close board fencing in Oxford and throughout the whole of Oxfordshire. Our work is fully insured, and we always leave your premises clean and tidy. 

Call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 for a no obligation quote, or send a few details in the enquiry form below.

What is close board fencing?

Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular styles in the UK owing to its strength, durability and traditional good looks. With no gaps between the pales, it's also a good choice if privacy is important to you. It's constructed from overlapping vertical timber pales, attached to horizontal rails to form a panel. On taller close board fence panels, additional horizontal rails can be added for extra strength. Panels are erected in the usual way, using timber or concrete posts and gravel boards. Trellis can be added on top as a decorative feature.

Is there a difference between close board and feather edge fencing?

No, you'll often hear close board fencing called feather edge fencing. They all refer to the same type of fence.

Good quality close board fence panels are important to its strength and durability

Featheredge fencing palesClose board fence panels are readily available at DIY stores, but pay close attention to their quality. All too often the pales are cut too thin. At the tapered edge, this can cause them to easily snap, especially if the timber has knot holes or other flaws that weaken it.

Trentwood Fencing only uses high quality timber, using fencing panels that will stand the test of time when professional installed. 

Case-studies for close board fencing in and around Oxford

  • A 1.8m close board fence in Oxford. We used FSC certified timber and Postsaver sleeve protection on all posts to prolong their life.
  • A particularly challenging close board fencing job in Abingdon, involving removing a wall and navigating an awkward line around trees! 
  • A customer in Didcot was so pleased with the work we’d done for him in the past, that we were called back to install a 1.8m feather edge fence with a matching gate.

Please call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 for a quote or drop us a few details on the form below.


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