Fencing Services in Oxford

Our satisfied customers in Oxford kindly agreed to allow us to share photos of their new fencing and gates, supplied and installed by Trentwood Fencing. Please get in touch for more information about our fencing services in the Oxford area. We can help you with any domestic, commercial or agricultural fencing project.

We can advise you about different types of fencing, but you'll find some inspiration in our Gallery, too.

Please call us on 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to discuss your requirements.

Slatted fence and gates in Boar's Hill

Slatted fence panels provide a modern look to more contemporary buildings; they looked great when we installed them to our customer's house in Boar's Hill, Oxford. Matching slatted wooden gates continued the theme and tied the whole look together. As well as looking good, slatted fencing offers less wind resistance, so you should find it stands up well (literally!) against gales. 

Slatted fence panels and matching gates

We used slatted fencing much more creatively at the side of the house, where the customer wanted ideas to conceal two air conditioning units. The slats in the panelling allow air to flow freely from the units, while a clever open section in the middle provides a spacious planter that will look very attractive in a few month's time. 

Slatted fence panels

When the Trentwood team had finished the job, we left the site as clean and tidy as we found it. 

Woven fence panels at a home in Oxford

Great for screening, and attractive, too, this customer in Oxford chose the natural, yet contemporary look of Jackson's woven fence panels to screen a side entrance. The treated softwood of woven fencing gives it strength, stability and durability, making panels far stronger than old-style versions of this type of fencing. Both sides of the fence are equally good-looking, so if you're usinga woven fence between a neighbouring property and your own, you'll both be able to enjoy the view. 

Woven fence panels 

Picket fencing at a school in Cowley

Picket fencing is such a great choice for internal boundaries in a school environment - the warm, natural tones of these wooden panels are friendly and inviting; children can easily see through and over picket fencing, but it's a sturdy choice to mark the boundaries of footpaths, play areas or school buildings.

We have done lots of fencing work for this primary school in Cowley, near Oxford and really enjoyed our visit when we were invited back recently to install the 1.5m picket fencing and gates seen in the photos below.

Picket fencing at school in Cowley, Oxford

School fencing at primary school in Cowley

Picket fencing at school in Cowley, Oxford

Metal railings at a school in Oxford

These metal railings and security mesh were fitted at a school in Oxford, just before the children returned to school after their summer holidays. 

School fences take a lot of wear and tear, from crashing balls to crashing children! Regular inspection and maintenance should be part of the school calendar to keep your fences in top condition. If your school fences are sagging or broken, call Trentwood Fencing for a competitive quote to repair or replace them. 

Metal railings at school in Oxford

Close board fencing for a customer in Headington

Our customer, who lives in Headington, actually asked us for this quote for 1.8m high close board fencing over six months ago, but when he asked us to go ahead we honoured the price, despite a slight increase in timber costs.  

All the timber we use is FSC certified and Postsaver sleeve protection was used on all posts to prolong their life. Another happy customer...

Close board fencing in Headington, Oxford

Close board fencing in headington

Fencing in Headington

Close board fencing with trellis at Cumnor Hill, Oxford

Our services were engaged to fit a 1.8m close board fence at a customers property at Cumnor Hill, Oxford. The fence was topped with an extra 300mm trellis, bringing the finished height to 2.1m.

We had a custom gate made prior to arriving for the job, which was fitted with a long throw gate lock, supplied with five keys. 

Postsaver sleeves were also used on all posts in order to prolong the service life of the fence posts.

The customer was extremely pleased with the finished fencing.

Oxford house with close board fencing

Close-up- close board fencing at Oxford house Made to order gate at an Oxford house

Fencing for extra privacy: a large garden in Oxford

Our customer had just moved into a house with a large garden on Boars Hill, Oxford and asked us to install suitable fencing to act as a screen for extra privacy. We used Jacksons Fencing Canterbury Combi panels. This is a hybrid of two popular fence panels: horizontal Tongue and Groove and Venetian. 

The customer was very happy with the finished job, which was completed on time and on budget, as always. 

Fencing for large garden in Oxford

Fencing for large garden in Oxford

Replacing Wind-Damaged Fencing in Kennington, Oxford

A customer for whom we'd installed fencing in the past called us back after an unseasonally strong wind caused some damage in their back garden in Kennington, just south of Oxford. As the customer had a dog, they were keen to get the fence fixed as soon as possible.

Trentwood Fencing swung into action and soon got the job done, replacing the damaged fencing and tidying the site up, all in the space of one day. 

A happy customer and safely confined dog!

Fencing at house in Kennington, Oxford

Stock fencing for a customer in Oxford

We recently installed new stock fencing for a customer with agricultural livestock. High tensile wire & UC4 timber was used for a strong and long lasting installation (UC4 timber is treated to better withstand contact with wet ground or water.

A Protech P22 tracked post knocker was used to knock in the posts, which causes minimal ground disturbance and gives a superb finish. 

Stock fencing in Oxford

Livestock fencing

Chestnut Palings and Five-Bar Gate in Tubney, Oxfordshire

Chestnut palings make a very attractive, natural-looking fence and they're very durable too. The chestnut uprights are evenly spaced and held in place with two or three twisted wire strands, fitted to chestnut or oak posts. The height of this type of fencing can vary according to your requirements, but 3ft is popular.

Together with a traditional five-bar gate, the effect around our customer's land in the rural village of Tubney was very pleasing.  

Chestnut Paling Fence in Tubney, OxfordshireFive-bar gate in Tubney, Oxon

Hit and Miss fencing in Summertown, Oxford

Hit and miss fencing Oxford

We fitted contemporary Jacksons Hit and Miss fencing for a customer in the Oxford suburb of Summertown. This type of fencing has boards fixed alternately on the front and back which creates a distinctive pattern. The gaps allow air to pass through and make it less prone to wind damage.


If you'd like to enquire about any type of fencing or gate at your property, please get in touch for a quote. Trentwood Fencing works in Oxford and all towns and villages throughout Oxfordshire.

Please call us on 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to discuss your requirements.

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