Fencing Services in Wantage

Trentwood Fencing has installed new fencing and gates for many happy customers in the Wantage area. Take a look at a few of them below. We can advise you about different types of fencing for domestic, agricultural and commercial projects, but you'll find some inspiration in our Gallery, too.

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Slatted Cedar Fencing in East Hanney, near Wantage

East Hanney is a lovely village not too far from Wantage. We were recently delighted to fulfil a rather special request to add slatted cedar fencing on both sides of our customer's driveway.

On a practical note, cedar is a lightweight wood that's easy to handle, cut and shape. It's naturally resistant to splitting and warping, which prolongs its life and makes cedar ideal as a fencing material. 

That alone would justify the use of cedar fencing in your garden, but the fact is, cedar is a beautiful wood, with warm colour tones that can vary from a light honey to shades of glowing red or brown. Slatted cedar fencing gives a stunning contemporary look that will make your home the envy of your neighbours.

Cedar fencing is admittedly pricier than other woods, but we think you'll agree, the result is well worth the indulgence. Get in touch for a quote if cedar fencing is something you'd like to consider at your home.

Slatted cedar fencing installed near Wantage

Slatted cedar fencing , Oxfordshire

Slatted cedar fencing for driveway and garden

Close Board Fencing in Wantage

A customer in Wantage wanted a tidy new close board fence installed along her garden boundary, and Trentwood Fencing was very happy to oblige. As you can see from the "before" and "after" photos below, the new fence made a big impact on her garden's appearance. As with all jobs we undertake, we left the site clean and tidy after the job. 

Before...our customer's old fence

Wantage garden fence

During installation...

Installing close board fencing in Wantage

After...the finished fencing

Close board fence in Wantage

Finished fence in Wantage garden

Close board fencing is strong and sturdy and should serve our customer well for a good many years. 

Trellis Fence Panels Fitted in Wantage

A garden fence doesn't just have to be fitted around the boundaries of your garden. With a little imagination, fences can be used internally to create distinct and separate areas. Large gardens can benefit particularly well from this tactic to create areas of privacy, invite exploration or hide less attractive elements such as a shed or compost heap!

Our customer in Wantage asked us to install an attractive arch-top trellis fence in her large garden, dividing an area of lawn and shrubbery from a pathway leading into woodland. Trellis fencing is ideal for providing a dividing screen while still letting through light and a tempting glimpse of the garden beyond. 

arch-top trellis fencing in Wantage garden

We used Postsaver sleeves on all posts to ensure longevity. Trentwood only uses FSC certified timber posts.

Picket fencing in Wantage

If you're looking for a smart but fairly unobtrusive fencing solution for your garden, this round-top picket fence, chosen by our customer in Wantage, is a good idea. Stained or painted, picket fencing provides a traditional feel and is a great option for marking boundaries without shutting out too much light. It's also very neighbour-friendly! 

Picket fencing in Wantage

Round-top picket fencing, Wantage

Do you live in the Wantage area?

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