Picket Fencing / Timber Palisade Fencing

Timber Palisade FencingTimber palisade fencing (also known as picket fencing) is an attractive, traditional style of fencing available with either a curved or pointed top. It's an ideal solution for forming boundaries in your garden while being decorative, unobtrusive and letting light through.

Palisade fencing is usually bought in sturdy, ready-made panels that are easy to install. For customers who'd like to add a little more interest, picket fence panels can also be bought with a concave shape, instead of the usual straight run of parallel pales.

This type of fence is often used for residential properties but they can also be used for commercial premises and look great in a primary school playground.

Picket fencing comes in a variety of different heights ranging from 1m to 1.8m. This type of fencing is available with a choice of pointed, rounded or square tops as well as a choice of gap between each pale, with the standard size being 75mm. At extra cost, this fencing can be planed all round, ready for painting.

Here is a case study for picket fencing we installed in Wantage. As with all fencing work we undertake, it's important that we don't leave the customer with a lot of mess to clean up when we're gone, so the site was left clean and tidy after the job!

We can supply and fit all types of domestic, commercial and agricultural fencing in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area, including timber palisade fencing.

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