School Fencing and Gates

School fencingWe understand the importance a school places on securing the safety and well-being of its students, limiting visitor access to authorised areas while providing an attractive and welcoming environment to everyone. 

We also hear concerns from schools keen to reduce opportunities for criminal activity outside school hours - valuable and portable school property is a target for thieves, and arson is not as uncommon as one might imagine.

Appropriate school fencing and gates are the first lines of defence to address these issues, and our fencing experts are ready to help.

Your school may require a combination of fencing systems, depending on its purpose, but your starting point is a consultation with Trentwood Fencing. As one of the leading fencing contractors in Oxfordshire, our expertise and reliability have earned us an enviable reputation throughout the county. All our employees are CRB checked.

School perimeter fencing

The perimeter fence around your school clearly marks its boundaries and deters casual trespassers and determined intruders alike. A range of styles and heights are available for perimeter fencing, but steel palisade is an ideal option, being robust and long-lasting. A more cost-effective alternative is security mesh, but metal bow-top railings are aesthetically pleasing and a popular choice in areas with lower security needs.

Schools should check with their insurance company to be clear about any secure fencing requirements they may have to comply with the terms of the school’s cover.

Fencing for play and sports areas

School picket fencingThere are a variety of options to choose from, depending on the purpose of the area in question. Where ball games are being played, taller fences that can withstand some impact are best – security mesh again or the cheaper but less sturdy chain-link fencing

Younger children in a nursery or primary school environment might appreciate the more attractive, low-level timber palisade (picket) fencing.  

Metal bow-top fencing is a long-lasting option, ideal for securing play areas. 

School gates

Gates can be supplied to match the style of the surrounding fence, providing the same level of security. Your school may require gates in different sizes, to accommodate either vehicles, pedestrians, or both. Trentwood Fencing can install a range of suitable gates at your school - we'll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend solutions. 

Please call 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to arrange a quote, or drop us a few details in the form below.


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