Why you should opt for Chain-Link Fencing to protect your business

The security of their premises is an issue that concerns most business owners, and the right type of fencing is often part of the solution. Chain-link fencing is an option used successfully by many commercial properties such as sporting venues, factories or car parks. So, if you haven’t considered it before, the following guide will help you decide if this type of fence is right for you.

Galvanised chain-link fence

What types of chain-link fencing can I choose from?

Trentwood Fencing supplies galvanised chain-link fences, made of woven and interlocking steel wire and coated with zinc to prevent corrosion.

Another type we offer is PVC-coated chain-link, where the steel wire is coated with black or green PVC to seal and protect the metal to improve appearance and durability.

Chain-link fences come in a variety of choices in the thickness of metal mesh used and in different styles or gauges. The thicker the gauge, the longer it can be galvanised and the stronger and more durable your fence will be.

What are the benefits for my business?


Chain-link fencing is great for commercial use because of its durability. It is a very stable and strong choice due to the steel posts being firmly cemented into the ground. Unlike wooden fence panels, it offers lasting protection from the elements such as rainfall, snow and heavy winds, yet won’t cause you any splinters.

Added visibility

In addition, the steel mesh permits visibility directly through the fence itself. This allows you to keep an eye on all the activities around your business while retaining your view of what is happening on the other side.

Enhanced security

Due to the security it provides, chain-link fencing has been the preferred fencing solution for decades. When it comes to protecting your property, consider a smaller mesh size and a thicker gauge.

To prevent climbing attempts and protect from the possibility of theft and trespassers, we recommend spacing fence posts closer together, adding horizontal bars or even fitting barbed wire on top.


Chain-link fencing is an affordable choice, especially for small businesses on a budget. Not only is the mesh material significantly cheaper than other options available, but it also makes for a cost-effective option as it can often be recycled. This means your business is able to offset removal costs.

Chain-link fence bordering commercial property

Installation and maintenance

Trentwood Fencing installs chain-link in a range of different heights between 1m and 3m, depending on your needs. Installation is generally quick and often easier than building a timber fence from scratch. Unlike other materials, the metal mesh is delivered in easy-to-handle rolls, so installation can often be completed in a day or two. Posts are fitted first, before the mesh is rolled out and attached to poles and frames along the boundary.

Chain-link fencing generally doesn’t require much upkeep. However, after installation, your fence should still be examined periodically. Minor problems such as sagging can be easily fixed by re-fastening the fabric. If a section is damaged, we can replace it with a new patch without having to replace the entire fence. Read more about our fence repair service here.

For the best results, installation should be carried out by a professional. If you live in or around Oxfordshire, call us on 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to arrange a quote.

Released On 13th Apr 2023

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