Fencing for Livestock and Agriculture - Case Studies

We've installed sturdy fencing and gates for many farms and landowners in and around Oxfordshire, protecting crops and livestock. From post-and-rail to galvanised wire, deer fencing, equestrian fencing and field gates, just let us know what you need. 

Please call us on 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to arrange a quote.

Here's small selection of jobs we've completed in this sector. 

Stock fencing for a customer in Oxford

We recently installed new stock fencing for a customer with agricultural livestock. High tensile wire & UC4 timber was used for a strong and long lasting installation (UC4 timber is treated to better withstand contact with wet ground or water.

A Protech P22 tracked post knocker was used to knock in the posts, which causes minimal ground disturbance and gives a superb finish. 

Stock fencing in Oxford

Livestock fencing

Stock Fencing in Frilford, near Abingdon

Our customer is building a house on a large plot in the lovely Vale of White Horse village of Frilford, near Abingdon. For this job, we were asked to install stock fencing with high tensire wile and creosote posts to keep our customer's dog from wandering. Stock fencing is perfect for this sort of job: long-lasting, unobtrusive and low maintenance; the high tension in the wire reduces sag, and there are no barbs to injure livestock or pets

Installing stock fencing in Abingon

Stock-fencing in Frilford, Abingdon

Post & Rail Fencing in Aston, near Witney 

A customer in Aston, near Witney, called us in to install both post and rail AND picket fencing around their large garden and paddock. The post and rail fencing included wire netting, a useful addition to keep pets or livestock secure. 

UC4 timber was used, which means the the process used in its treatment enables preservative to penetrate more deeply, giving better, longer-lasting protection.

Post & Rail fencing in Aston, WitneyFencing around paddock in Aston, near Witney

Post & Rail Fencing in Aston, near WitneyPost & Rail Fencing Corner Aston

Please call us on 01865 863428 or 07900 938061 to arrange a quote.

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